Each year your gifts support the Cypress String Quartet in its efforts to educate, to commission, and to give passionate and insightful performances. 
In the past 19 years we have toured from the San Francisco Bay to across the seas in Europe and Asia, recorded more than a dozen albums, and created a 16-year tradition with Call & Response, our popular and ever-growing and developing education outreach program. Every level of support is vital – especially in these trying economic times.

We remain committed to expanding our commissions from great composers, our performances, and our devotion to educational efforts in the Bay Area and throughout the country. This season we committed to an expansion of our educational outreach and renewed our promise to continue the Call & Response program without charge to schools and students.

However, our excitement and dedication to the mission and excellence of the Cypress Quartet are not enough to keep us going. We need your ongoing support to allow us to devote the enormous time and energy it takes to play, record and educate. Your contribution remains essential!

Giving Opportunities with the CSQ

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    44 Page Street, Suite 400, San Francisco CA 94102
    PHONE: by Credit Card: Call our office at (415)500-2150 to give us your payment information
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Adopt a Call & Response School!

“Hearing the Cypress in my classroom inspired me and my sisters to start our own string quartet!”–Student, age 12

The Cypress String Quartet (CSQ) strongly believes that performing and working with students in their classrooms is crucial to making the classical repertoire come to life!  With 20 years of educational experience, the CSQ understands how to work with students of all ages and musical abilities. Students and teachers alike look forward to a CSQ visit each year.  Your gift supports:

  • Age-appropriate curriculum
  • CSQ school visit
  • Pizza dinner for C&R students on concert night
  • Busing for school to San Francisco

Host a Cypress String Quartet event in your home!

“I feel very fortunate to have experienced such a wonderful event and I know my guests did as well!”–House concert host.

One of the greatest things that our supporters can do for us is introduce CSQ to their community.  CSQ has been a hidden gem of the Bay Area for too long, and we are trying to change that through intimate house concerts all over the Bay Area.  Whether for audiences of 25 or 60, a CSQ house concert will provide your guests a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with CSQ musicians, their incredible instruments, and beautiful music.  Your gift supports:

  • Event planning with CSQ staff
  • CSQ concert fee
  • Donation to CSQ educational outreach programs

Would you world-class music in your neighborhood?
Sponsor a Beethoven Pop-up concert! $5,000

“CSQ has made San Francisco our home for 20 years and we are looking forward to celebrating our favorite city with our favorite music!”–Jennifer Kloetzel

In May 2016, as part of their 20th anniversary, CSQ will be found in all 11 districts of San Francisco playing all 16 Beethoven string quartets.  Whether in iconic settings like the Ferry Building and Crissy Field or in less-familiar venues in neighborhoods like the Tenderloin or Bayview-Hunter’s Point, the CSQ will bring the passion of Beethoven to the streets through spontaneous concerts.  Your gift supports:

  • 1 Beethoven quartet in the SF district of your choice
  • City permits for public performance
  • Live-streaming of the performance
  • Recording of the performance

Support the next generation of music educators!

“Working with the Cypress to enhance both our performance and educational skills is a hugely valuable experience for an emerging professional musician”–Natalie Raney, cellist

Designed to broaden the reach of CSQ music education and mentor the next generation of professional musicians, the CSQ’s new education program Music Moves will feature 4 emerging professional musicians working intimately with music teachers in schools across the Bay Area.  With mentoring from CSQ members, these young musicians will learn how to create and implement effective music education programs.  Your gift will support:

  • Stipends for 4 conservatory-trained musicians
  • Transportation to and from schools
  • Hands-on learning for 300 elementary and middle school string players

Would you like to help transport over 400 students to San Francisco?
Sponsor Call & Response busing! $9,000

“The busing that CSQ provides our school for Call & Response removes a major impediment for my students.  There is no way we could participate without this incredible help!”–Stephanie Holmes, Teacher

Each year, CSQ covers the cost to bus in students from all over the Bay Area to San Francisco for our annual Call & Response concert.  It’s a very special experience, because for many of these students, this is their first public concert. However, as Call & Response has grown in popularity, so has the cost of transportation.  In fact, in 2015, we had to limit the number of buses due to cost which reduced the number of students who could attend the concert.  Your gift will help all interested students see this special concert.   Your gift supports:

  • 6 Peninsula buses
  • 3 North Bay Buses
  • 3 East Bay Buses

Would your company like to celebrate the arts in San Francisco?
Beethoven Pop-up: $10,000

In May 2016, as part of their 20th anniversary, CSQ will be found in all 11 districts of San Francisco playing all 16 Beethoven string quartets. Have your company sponsor one of these spontaneous performances and invite the public into your building, excite your employees, and demonstrate your company’s support of arts in San Francisco.  Your gift supports:

  • 1 Beethoven Quartet in your company’s office or district
  • Live-streaming of the performance
  • Recording of the performance
  • Your company’s logo on all marketing materials

Adopt a “Region” of schools!

“When I heard the Cypress play, it made me so happy that I cried”–Student, age 8

Can’t choose just one school for a CSQ visit?  Gift a regional group of school concerts! Adopt all of the North Bay, East Bay, San Francisco, or Peninsula schools with this generous sponsorship.  As part of Call & Response, CSQ visits 4-5 schools in each region of the Bay Area each year. In fact, CSQ travels as far north as Novato, as far east as Danville, and as far south as San Jose to ensure that great music education happens throughout the region. Your gift supports:

  • Age-appropriate curriculum for all regional schools
  • CSQ school visits
  • Busing for all schools in the region
  • Pizza dinner for all students in region on concert night

Would you like to be a modern-day Medici?

“The Cypress influenced not only me and my music, but the shape of new music across the country”–Elena Ruehr, composer

When you commission a new work, you can!  CSQ believes that keeping classical music alive today happens not only through performing masterpieces like those of Beethoven, Haydn, and Mozart, but rather by commissioning the “Beethovens of our time” to write new works for string quartet. .  As part of Call & Response, CSQ does not commission new works in a vacuum, but rather gives composers an historical context and an educational platform. Help give composers of our time a voice and support the creation of new art! Your gift supports:

  • The composition of a new work for string quartet
  • Recording of the world-premiere
  • Printing costs
  • Your name on the dedication page!
  • Travel costs for the composer to fly out, work with CSQ, visit classrooms across the Bay Area, and hear the world premiere of their new piece
  • 20 tickets to the world-premiere for you and your guests

Would you like to bring world-class musicians to thousands of students across the Bay Area?
Gift the entire Call and Response program at $100,000

“Call & Response is a rare commodity in music education.  It offers schools the opportunity to hear some of the world’s most elegant, innovative, and touching music,” –Dorothy Lee, Teacher

Each year, CSQ takes a month out of their touring schedule to give back to the Bay Area.  Call & Response is an award-winning educational program that combines specialized curriculum, the commissioning of a brand new work, classroom visits, and a culminating public concert to illuminate what inspires composers to write music. Your gift supports:

  • Age-appropriate curriculum that brings history, art, literature, and music to life
  • Classroom visits to 20 schools across the Bay Area by the CSQ
  • Dinner for over 400 students on the night of the public concert
  • Transportation for over 400 students
  • A brand-new work for string quartet!
  • Recording of public concert
  • Short documentary about Call & Response

Help artists to be artists!
$250,000 Transformational gift

“A gift of this size would not only fully fund all of our outreach programs, but it would allow us as quartet members to focus on solely on our craft rather than balancing our budget.”–Tom Stone, violin

Running a mid-sized non-profit takes a lot of work and the CSQ members are fully engaged with both the business and artistic sides of the organization.   A transformational gift would let CSQ members shift their focus entirely to their artistic vision.  In addition, this gift would provide the additional staffing CSQ needs to fully execute the artistic vision of the four quartet members and expand the artistic capacity of the organization. Your gift supports:

  • Fund all CSQ educational outreach programs
  • 2 additional full-time staff members to manage CSQ marketing, day-to-day business operations, and community development, as well as expand CSQ’s educational outreach programs
  • CSQ quartet member salaries


    CHECK: by Mail, to “Cypress String Quartet” at
    44 Page Street, Suite 400, San Francisco CA 94102
    PHONE: by Credit Card: Call our office at (415)500-2150 to give us your payment information
    ONLINE: via PayPal:
    SECURITES: call our office at (415) 500-2150 or email Maggee to learn more about this option.