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Debussy, Suk & Cotton

Claude Debussy: String Quartet in G Minor, Op. 10
Josef Suk: Barcarolle & Ballade
Jeffery Cotton: String Quartet No. 1

The music featured on this disk represents the varied interests of the Cypress String Quartet; a "masterpiece", an overlooked "jewel", and a Cypress-commissioned quartet. The Debussy Quartet, written in 1893 in Paris, began a revolution in string writing that ushered in the 20th Century. Composed just a few years earlier but worlds away in Prague, the Suk pieces represent the end of the romantic period. The Jeffery Cotton Quartet, composed for the Cypress in 2003, looks back with respectful fascination at the string quartet tradition and leads us on an inspiring journey that ends in the heart of German Cabaret of the 1920's.

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  • Debussy 1 1. Claude Debussy Quartet in G Minor, Op.10 - I. Animé et trè décidé 6:06
  • Debussy 2 2. Debussy - II. Assez vif et bien rhythmé 3:44
  • Debussy 3 3. Debussy - III. Andatino doucement expressif 6:59
  • Debussy 4 4. Debussy - IV. Très modéré 7:13
  • Suk 1 5. Josef Suk Barcarolle & Ballade - I. Barcarolle 2:11
  • 6. Josef Suk Barcarolle & Ballade - II. Ballade 3:49
  • 7. Jeffery Cotton String Quartet No.1 - I. Overture 8:55
  • Cotton 2 8. Cotton - II. Capriccio 3:25
  • 9. Cotton - III. Chorale and Cabaret 10:49
  • 10. Cotton - IV. Variations 8:18


For Debussy, Suk & Cotton
"Say what you want about a crisis in classical music - the Cypress Quartet is not listening. This new recording of works by Debussy, Suk and Cotton is full of an overwhelming joy and enthusiasm for the cause. With an exceptional level of technical skill and thoroughly convincing interpretations they have created a beautiful addition to the catalogue. The unusual pairing of repertoire is consistent with their mission of celebrating the new and less known with the same level of commitment they bring to the 'standard' repertoire. The recorded sound is beautiful. Mark Willsher has captured a true and natural quartet sound, and there is a real intimacy to the overall effect of the recording. Bravo."
- Barry Shiffman, Director of Music Program, The Banff Centre