Haydn, Ravel & Schulhoff

Franz Joseph Haydn: String Quartet in D Major, Op. 76 No. 5
Maurice Ravel: String Quartet in F Major
Ervin Schulhoff: Five Pieces for String Quartet

This album packages together three distinct and flamboyantly beautiful works. Haydn's String Quartet in D Major shows him exploring form and structure while examining the depth of emotional experience. Ravel's String Quartet is one of the most pleasing works in the standard repertoire, filled with exotic influences and invention. The Five Pieces for String Quartet by Ervin Schulhoff are delightful dances, some humorous and some satirical in character. Schulhoff created miniature pictures of popular dances including a Viennese Waltz, an Arabic dance, a Czech folk dance, an evocative Tango and a rollicking Tarantella.

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  • Haydn 1 1. Franz Joseph Haydn Quartet in D Major, Op.76 No.5 - I. Allegretto - Allegro 4:45
  • 2. Haydn - II. Largo ma non troppo; cantabile e mesto 7:33
  • 3. Haydn - III. Menuetto: Allegro ma non troppo 3:00
  • Haydn 4 4. Haydn - IV. Finale: Presto 3:47
  • Ravel 1 5. Ravel: String Quartet in F Major - Allegro moderato, Tres doux 7:47
  • Ravel 2 6. Assez vif, Tres rythme 6:01
  • Ravel 3 7. Tres lent 8:16
  • Ravel 4 8. Vif et agite 5:25
  • Schulhoff 1 9. Schulhoff: Five Pieces for String Quartet - Alla Valse Viennese: Allegro 2:13
  • Schulhoff 2 10. Alla Serenata: Allegretto con moto 3:02
  • Schulhoff 3 11. Alla Czeca: Molto allegro 1:40
  • Schulhoff 4 12. Alla Tango Milonga: Andante 4:01
  • Schulhoff 5 13. Alla Tarantella: Prestissimo con fuoco 2:43


For Haydn, Ravel & Schulhoff
"Ahhh.. they have done it again and brought us another exquisite album of string quartets. Based in San Francisco, the Cypress String Quartet bestows upon us this elegant and electric album with pure artistry that exudes ease, passion and integrity. They float along the sweet and delicate melodies of Haydn, the ghostly and poignant harmonic colors of Ravel and the exotic, energetic flair of Ervin Schulhoff with the same unwavering conviction and dedication. Bravo!"