Our Board

The role of the Cypress String Quartet’s Board of Directors is to support the Quartet’s mission and artistic vision.

  • Julie Castro Abrams, Chair
  • Anna Kauffman, Secretary
  • Jenny Kuan, Treasurer
  • John David Duncan
  • H. Anton Tucher, Immediate Past Chair
  • Laura Ambroseno
  • Ethan Filner
  • Cheryl Finley-Neal
  • Jennifer Kloetzel
  • Carolyn Lowenthal
  • Lance Nagel
  • Jonathan S. O’Donnell
  • Sara Robinson
  • Mark Siegel
  • Tom Stone
  • Cecily Ward

Do you have an interest in serving on a non-profit board? Be in touch for more information. Email maggee@cypressquartet.com

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