Our Mission

It is the belief of the Cypress String Quartet that the world’s musical masterpieces have a transformative effect on both listeners and performers. CSQ also believes that this transformative quality is only as apparent as the quality of the performance. CSQ is committed to dedicating the resources necessary to pursue uncompromisingly high musical standards in their work. The mission of the CSQ is to present chamber music of the highest level to its San Francisco Bay Area community and those throughout the world through:

  • Well-conceived and exciting programs that are accessible both to audiences familiar with chamber music and those encountering it for the first time.
  • Fresh recordings of both the classic string quartet repertoire and works by contemporary composers.
  • Award-winning education programs that illuminate and celebrate the connections among composers, music, history, art, literature, and the musical voices of today.
  • Advocating for classical music by speaking intelligently about it in a myriad of settings that advance the important role music can play in society.