Midwest Record: CYPRESS STRING QUARTET / The American Album

Midwest Record
Volume 34/Number 319

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We asked one of our fave classical music tourists what they thought of this album and they were completely knocked out. Not knowing much about classical music but knowing what they like, they were blown away by the classy playing of this string quartet and they were blown away by the quality and presentation of the material.

High brow and high minded without being stuffy, this certainly qualifies as listening for grown ups, but to the group's credit, they play with an accessibility that seems geared to bringing new people into the tent ultimately to keep the music alive. Playing from the heart on works that were mostly foreigner's views of America, it's played from the heart with proper amounts of passion. The kind of record that's a cut above throughout, this is must hearing for any fan of music across a wide spectrum and certainly required for classical fans. A winner throughout that raises the bar.