BLOG: Welcome to the new!


We have just launched our brand new website - please take a look around, join our e-mailing list with the JOIN button up there near the top of the page, and let us know what you think by emailing with any and all comments! Don't be shy.

Our 15th Anniversary Salon Series began with two fantastic nights in Berkeley and San Francisco last weekend, with friends, family, supporters and a slew of other music lovers on hand to hear us perform music from our new CD "The American Album" and to chat with us post-concert during the Wine & Chocolates reception. Special thanks to our guest-moderators for the two evenings, Matías Tarnopolsky in Berkeley and Kai Christiansen in San Francisco, for their eloquent lead in brief post-concert Q&A sessions that gave our audiences a hint of extra insight into our work together as a Quartet for these past 15 years.

Read more about the Salon programs and buy tickets here!.

That disc we just released, The American Album, features quartets by Dvorak, Barber and Griffes. Rave reviews have been pouring in for the last few weeks, and we understand more are on their way, so watch this space! Sample the disc and buy it here.

Speaking of buying our CD's, something else that's new, that we're very excited about, is our new hi-resolution downloads store powered by Downloads NOW! For each of our five newest albums in our discography, you'll see as one of the purchasing options to buy the album on Downloads NOW! Take that route and you'll be treated to more audio samples and the opportunity to download uncompressed .wav files in either CD-quality 44khz/16bit and/or the original digital recording resolution 96khz/24bit files for a modest premium. We dare you to take the HI-RES plunge and experience our music like you might never have before, ever since the whole iPod revolution happened and made "MP3" a household term much to many an audiophile's chagrin.

Finally: there may still be some kinks to work out with details here or there within our new website. So please be patient, but also feel free to email us at with any comments about what you find here, be it a problem or something AWESOME.

Thanks! -The Cypress String Quartet

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